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Seed sowing

Seed sowing is one of the most satisfying methods of producing new plants – watching with delight as the seeds germinate and the seedlings develop into mature plants. It is also one of the cheapest propagation methods, especially if you save your own seed.

The seeds of many hardy trees, shrubs, perennials and hardy annuals can be sown directly outside where you want them to grow. Others, such as tender plants, half-hardy annuals and half-hardy bedding perennials, need to be sown indoors with warmth, preferably in a heated propagator if you want reliable results.

Some plants will even self-sow – the seeds germinating and the resulting seedlings growing where the seed is shed direct from the plant. It is then a simple matter of carefully lifting the seedlings, potting them up and growing them on until they are larger, well-established plants.

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